About John Austin

About John Austin

Why you should buy a John Austin Furniture piano stool!

Standard range piano stools

The standard range is built upon a basic design that unites a pair of leg end frames (2 x legs joined by a leg end rail) and a box (2 x box rails and 2 x box end rails). We are unique in offering this method of construction.

This design has been refined and developed over many years and is the only truly reliable answer to the peculiar strains put upon a piano stool by a player. Racking, the side-to-side movement caused by a player ranging up and down the keyboard, will cause stools utilising a straightforward 4 x leg and 4 x rail or bolt on leg construction to fail. By uniting leg end frames with a box and ensuring that the three parts are dowelled, glued and screwed together one arrives at the strongest frame construction for any piano stool available in the world bar none!

The stool base frame itself uses 32 dowels and 8 wood screws, the lid on a single box stool a further 8 dowels and 4 wood screws with another 20 wood screws to attach the lid and lid-stay to the base. A strong stool is a reliable stool that will not let you down!

Solid box dowel construction

Will withstand the racking action imposed by side to side movement of player - especially important with duet stools.

Prime hardwood used

Structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing

We use only hardwoods from certified sustainable sources. We buy only first grade timber and take great care in its selection to be sure that the end product is free of imperfections both structural and visual.

Quality hand finish

Aesthetically pleasing and smooth to the touch

Although we do use machines to cut and profile the basic shapes to all of our components the final finish is due to a very high input of handcraft in the sanding and polishing of the product. The curves and edges are all hand sanded through coarse grades to fine and this ensures a smooth feel to the finished article. Our polishing process is complex involving grain filling, staining and colouring prior to the application of at least three lacquer coats. This seals the wood and enhances the beauty of the natural timber.

Brassed piano hinge on the seat lid

Strong and durable quality hinge and aesthetically pleasing

Brassed lid stay and brassed wood screws

Accentuates the high build quality and aesthetically pleasing

Quality fittings ensure that the product stands up well to close and discerning inspection. A piano is a high quality piece of music furniture and the stool should complement it in the home setting. Most homes have their best furniture in the room that is seen the most and this is often where the piano is to be found. The piano stool is an important part of the visual attractiveness of a piano in place.

Detailed moulding on seat lid

Accentuates the quality build and is aesthetically pleasing

Deep pad seat professionally upholstered

Affords high comfort level, aesthetically pleasing and durable

Large music storage compartment

High capacity for music storage

Timeless classic design

Fits in well with both contemporary and traditionally furnished rooms

Made in Britain

Supporting British industry, rural employment and traditional skills

We are committed to expanding our business and creating employment opportunities. Our staff number at present over 25 skilled and semi-skilled individuals. They work in a pleasant environment and are extremely dedicated.

Chamfer on the bottom of the stool leg and glides fitted to the leg base

Helps prevent damage to the stool legs when the stool is moved

Height can be specified at the time of ordering

If intended for just one player then the stool can be made at their ideal playing height without the need to specify a fully adjustable model at higher cost.

Vast range of wood finish options and a pattern matching service

The stool can be truly matched to the piano either by specifying the piano manufacturer (we hold a large number of their samples) or sending a sample.

Our standard range of wood finishes is extensive and offers a choice of the most popular wood colours. We offer mahogany, oak, beech, walnut, teak, cherry and yew finishes in addition to black and white in both satin and gloss.

Extensive range of upholstery choices including the option to use the your own material.

Single and duet adjustable models

In addition to above (except music storage compartment)

Height adjustable

Can be tailored to suit the individual but particularly in situations where more than one player exists in the household.

Adjustability is an important feature.. There is an ideal playing height for all players. Posture and position in relation to the keys is perhaps the first part of the first lesson that all potential pianists learn.

Steel scissor action adjustable mechanism

Durable, solid, strong and reliable mechanism

Our adjustment mechanism is based on a design that has stood the test of time. It is actually rather over-engineered for the job but this ensures that it will never be a source of complaint or disappointment. The handles are shaped to fit neatly in the hand and are attached to the mechanism utilising a tube and split pin arrangement. They can be easily removed if the stool requires re-upholstering or repair after damage. Many of the imported and some British made stools have a one way handle fixing that requires the handles to be smashed off before a repair can be made.

Wooden skirt under the seat

Hides the adjustable mechanism when the seat is raised.

The adjustment mechanism is functional and not pretty! We are unique in offering a skirt to conceal all the ironmongery. The skirt may also reduce the likelihood of trapped little fingers!

Are "cheap" piano stools good value for money?

The knock-down (KD), bolt on leg piano stool is, alas, here to stay. This constructional method was developed by the furniture industry as a means of reducing costs. Labour input, materials, packaging and transport costs are all significantly reduced. To the consumer, price is the only clear advantage; detachable legs are of no benefit whatsoever! KD furniture is simple to mass-produce and it was the increase in its availability that caused the disappearance of many of the finest traditional furniture making companies in the UK. Consumer's expectations of quality were lowered, attracted by keen pricing and so the marketplace changed.

Now, what has this got to do with piano stools?

Pianos represent probably the largest single investment in a musical instrument that the majority of people will ever make. The piano stool is an essential accessory and an important part of the purchase and it is therefore paramount that thought is given to the type chosen.

KD stools are fundamentally flawed - a piano stool is subject to racking or side to side movement that with time will loosen the corner nut fixing. The nuts can be tightened but with time the problem reoccurs. Far better surely to get it right from the outset and purchase a product truly designed to withstand the loading and use peculiar to a pianist - KD stools are most frequently found in front of dressing tables!

A stool solidly constructed without a wing nut in sight will, if treated with love and affection, last a lifetime!

A piano stool can be for life so choose wisely and invest in a quality British product by John Austin Furniture!